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Member countries' financial contributions to the EU budget are shared fairly, according to means.The larger your country's economy, the more it pays – and vice versa.Standard & Poor, Moody's, Fitch and DBRS' sovereign debt credit rating is displayed above.In addition, the Trading Economics (TE) credit rating is shown scoring the credit worthiness of a country between 100 (riskless) and 0 (likely to default).Dates of Slovenian presidencies: Jan-Jun 2008 Presidency of the Council of the EU Current presidency of the Council of the EU The Commissioner nominated by Slovenia to the European Commission is Violeta Bulc, who is responsible for Transport.The Commission is represented in each EU country by a local office, called a "representation".Technically, our ratings are based on a forward looking macro economic model which takes into account several leading economic indicators, financial markets and very little discretion.Slovenia is a parliamentary democratic republic with a head of government - the prime minister - and a head of state - the president - who is directly elected.

This advisory body is consulted on proposed laws, to ensure these laws take account of the perspective from each region of the EU.

The government holds executive and administrative authority.

The prime minister and ministers are elected by the Parliament.

The Council of the EU doesn't have a permanent, single-person president (like e.g. Instead, its work is led by the country holding the Council presidency, which rotates every 6 months.

During these 6 months, ministers from that country's government chair and help determine the agenda of Council meetings in each policy area, and facilitate dialogue with the other EU institutions.

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