Dhcp not updating reverse ptr record

Your client HAS marked the "Register this connection's address in DNS"., and your DNS reverse zone security it is set to allow Secure - Dynamic updates ? What error you get in the event log when you run ipconfig /registerdns ? The solution provided below is a suggested solution to automate the process using a Power Shell startup script in Active Directory Group Policy (GPO) Power Shell v3.0 is required for the script to complete work on Win2008R2.I also attached a VBScript version for those who would rather use VBScript then update all the Win2008R2 systems to Power Shell V3.I can do a reverse lookup on the IP and that works but not name to IP.

Since the Router does not have a DNS table, it does not know the names so it then forwards the requests to its DNS servers.

However should this be ticked, because if it is ticked it is the client updating the records, where by if it is not ticked would it not be the server that does the update and then manage the connections? Correct , but if the DNS server has some default refresh intervals : DHCP Clients : 24 hours The DHCP Client service sends dynamic updates for the DNS records.

This includes both computers that obtain a leased Internet Protocol (IP) address by using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and computers that are configured statically for TCP/IP. So what you say would mean that after the lease period the client PC is not the authoritive owner and the server becomes authoritive and then is able to delete the records?

In the Microsoft DNS manager Reverse Lookup Zones, we found a "Dynamic Updates" configured to "Secure Only", causing the non-Microsoft DHCP server fail to update the (ptr) record.

May I know what are the impacts if we set the Dynamic Updates to "Nonsecure and secure"?

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