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If now you are thinking I’m showing you the ruins of the suburbs and abandoned “ghost cities” of the USSR era — unfortunately, no.Brace yourselves, the pictures below are taken in Voronezh, a city with more than a million of citizens, a capital of the Voronezh State.Wandering among the gold-plated halls of famous art galleries, stone Griffins with golden wings, and marble Atlases that uphold the roof of the New Hermitage, one can get an impression of a truly European country with a proud history and strong economy to uphold this beauty.Those who come to Moscow will also have a similar impression thanks to fascinating churches and galleries, the Moscow City district, and the amount of Bentleys, Lamborghinies, Ferraries and Teslas rewing on the streets.Could you imagine something like that happening in France? Here’s South Korea — the riots booming in 2017 as the nation learned the President Park Geun-hye faces charges in bribery and influence peddling.And here’s the “He is not a Dimon to you” demonstration that followed the You Tube investigation movie by the Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny and his team.wo major difficulties that arise whenever I need to write something — how to start the story so that it enthralls readers and sets a proper article tone, and how to make an ending that, like a good wine, leaves a taste of something special.This time the difficulty has doubled — I now need a beginning to the whiny post that could persuade you it’s not whining at all.

Founded by Peter the Great, this former capital of the Russian Empire is indeed a sight to behold.From this 30-minute video clip the Russians have learned about gargantuan houses, mansions, Italian wine plantations, yachts and other goods worth of billions of rubles stolen from the people, all of it owned by the current prime-minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev.Dozens of people beaten with police batons, hundreds arrested. This “WE versus THEY” metaphor is essential for understanding the Russian mentality.Now, let me get this straight — my goal here is to show you the dark side of a Moon, to confront the veneer of a prosperous and powerful country with the ghastliness of a daily life.For this sake, I may be exaggerating things — of course, such horrifying conditions are not that often in Russian cities. Seeing these pictures comes with no surprise to a regular Russian, we all accept the possibility of someone living in similar houses just down the street.

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