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These studies reported that the Galilee Druze exhibit a high diversity of both X1 (15.6%) and X2 (11.1%) mitochondrial haplogroups relative to other Near Eastern populations.

More recent studies have reported that the Druze share many genetic characteristics with other Levantine populations (i.e., Palestinians and Bedouins) compared to Europeans and Central or South Asians e.g..

The rationale of biogeographical analyses is that the population structure of the population of interest, and that of its parental populations, would exhibit high similarity allowing us to infer the biogeographical affinity of the population in question from the known geographical location of the parental populations.We investigated the genetic relationships between Israeli Druze and both modern and ancient populations.We evaluated our findings in light of three hypotheses purporting to explain Druze history that posit Arabian, Persian or mixed Near Eastern-Levantine roots.D.) who sent missionaries throughout Arabia and the Middle East (with epistles being recorded as far as India), calling for new adherents to join the religion.Later on, proselytisation efforts ceased, intermarriage between Druze and non-Druze was prohibited and the religion took on a new form, concealed from outsiders.

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