Eddie murphy dating a white girl

She is what the British tabloids refer to (euphemistically) as a “glamour model” which is a term I kind of love. And I’m not sure what it says about Eddie that his latest girlfriend (who he’s showing off at an event in which he’s being honored) is a “glamour model”.When the UK press calls someone a “glamour model” what they mean is Like, Kelly Brook is one of the UK’s biggest “glamour models” – she’s famous for having a great body and for posing in bikinis. Eddie Murphy was smiling like the cat who got the cream when he appeared on stage on Saturday night.

Then, suddenly, they were over and over the past few weeks, Eddie has been seen with this new girl, an Aussie girl named Paige Butcher.

Murphy is also the father to 29-year-old son, Eric, whose mother is Paulette Mc Neely; 27-year-old Christian, whose mother is Tamara Hood; and 11-year-old Angel Iris Murphy Brown, whose mother is former Spice Girl and current "America's Got Talent" judge Mel B.

Shayne Audra tagged some of her siblings in a photo shared to Instagram last Christmas.

When she was 36 and Eddie Murphy was 55, the couple had their first baby in 2016. It’s hard to believe little Izzy is already a year old!

They named her Izzy Oona Murphy and she was born in California weighing 7 lbs., 15 oz., and measured 19½ inches long. Paige was recently spotted on the beach with Izzy in tow, and it seems she already loves the beach as much as her mom does!

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