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However, after a couple of seconds the normal guy morphs into a creature from their nightmares and gives them a huge scare!Jack the Killer is a truly terrifying character and leads to loud screams, jumps, and even falling down from his victims.

Using the interests filter to connect with people who are interested in “Miranda Sings”, this funny Omegle video has people shocked when meeting their heroine while others are delighted to hate on her.Deciding she wants to meet her daddy or grandpa, she uses the filters to match with people who share these two interests. Cringe hard as a grandpa asks her to do things you wouldn’t imagine and laugh as guys try their hardest to convince her that they are her real dad.Laugh, cry and cringe at the range of characters this girls bumps into on Omegle as she plays jokes and chats to people from all over the world.This video may not help you understand girls any better, but it will make you laugh!Get ready for some serious cringe as this hot girl tries to find her daddy on Omegle.

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