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To her credit, Ivana still served the dinners her husband preferred, so on that warm night the guests ate beef with potatoes. Post’s faux-Tiepolo ceiling remained in the dining room, but an immense silver bowl now rested in the center of the table, filled with plastic fruit.

As always, it was business with the Trumps, for that was their common purpose, the bond between them.

Maybe all the public posturing was beginning to get boring, too.

” But she had no intention of doing that, for Ivana, like Donald, was living out a fantasy.

She had seen that in the Trump life everything and everybody appeared to come with a price, or a marker for future use.

When she had first come to New York, she wore elaborate helmet hairdos and bouffant satin dresses, very Hollywood; her image of rich American women probably came from the movies she had seen as a child.

Ivana had now spent years passing through the fine rooms of New York, but she had never seemed to learn the real way of the truly rich, the art of understatement.

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In recent years, they never seemed to touch each other or exchange intimate remarks in public.

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