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Meanwhile, Amanda begins planning her wedding to Brock with little advice from Doris.

Absent: Ron Butler as Oscar Guest star: Kevin Farley as Officer Jake Hooley When True and Lulu talk about Doris' attractive assistant librarian, True is dragged into Max and Doris' relationship problems.

Meanwhile, Lulu's little buddy, 35 year old Babs teaches her about life. Meanwhile, Amanda keeps sending herself flowers from Brock Champion, and everyone calls her crazy.At the show, Ryan's magic show and Jimmy playing the drums and singing "Fire and Ice" has the audience throw cabbages at them and booed off the stage. Robbie Amell is now a main character and featured in the opening credits.When a new kid named Justin comes to True's school, he confesses that he has a crush on her.Meanwhile, Jimmy takes over as receptionist while Oscar is on vacation and refuses to let Hibbert perform his job.Guest stars: Wendie Malick as Libby Gibbils, Stephen Tobolowsky as Lars Balthazar, Tom Kenny as Bingo and Craig Anton as Snackleberry Junction chef Absent: Ron Butler as Oscar Due to an invitation mix-up in the mail, Amanda shows up at True's slumber party and they become competitive when playing a board game.

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