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You luckily get a job at the famous Misono Trading Company,but it is discovered that you are actuallythe heiress to the parent company's Misono family!? -This is a love story game in which relationships form between the"love-allergic" ***e who wears track suits around and the handsome men.-This is an otome game in which the handsome men surroundingyou suddenly go from friend to boyfriend.-You can simulate love scenarios you never can in real life,such as dating a butler, cocky boy, younger guy, or mean but loving boyfriend!

You move into a mansion in order to learn how to be a proper lady,but you just can't manage to get used to your glamorous lifestyle! -In this romance simulation game for girls, you can go from a life empty ofromance to one in which every day is filled with excitement and happiness.-You can enjoy the excitement of marrying the man of your dreams! Behind that cockiness is kindness.-See that cold boyfriend get smitten!

Once these games started to catch on, they began to delve into different subjects, and what are people more interested in than love?

In a standard dating sim your character, usually a man, is surrounded by potential mates, usually women, and your decisions will affect the score you receive. While most dating sims are geared toward men, especially the more sexually explicit ones, dating sims aimed at a female audience are also very popular.

And I don't get why you have to fight a character to date him/her. All drawn with a mouse in Flash MX, over the period of 10 days.

This is perfect for girls who want to enjoy an otome game free of charge! You can choose whichever guy you prefer.-Masaki Fujigaya Super! ●Supported language English, French, German●Basic Information-Free installation-Free basic play●Warning-Uninstalling the app or clearing the cache will reset player data.-This game will not work offline.The higher your score the more successful your relationship will be. For example, the game popular among You Tubers Haotoful Boyfriend.So now that we know what dating sims are, how can they help us?●Love story"Proper ladies can do whatever they want!?"You are a so-called "love-allergic" girl who spendsher time at home in a track suit.

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