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Some of the features provided by 7-Zip are 2-10% better compression ratio than other archivers, restricted packing but various unpacking format supported, self-extracting capability, plugin supported for FAR manager, supports more than 80 languages on its platform and many more.7-Zip is functional from past 18 years and works on GNU LGPL license but with un RAR restrictions followed.The only problem you are going to incur is that while extracting files you may face some issues as RAR is more popular format than the one 7-Zip supports and it might not work in packing/unpacking.You are not going to find this feature in other Win RAR alternative as TUGZip is capable enough to repair corrupted Zip and SQX file formats too.With supporting multiple extractions at the same time, TUGZip offers a really fast and smooth interface for the users and can also be updated timely through web updates.Talking about the format support then it includes formats like TAR, Zip, RAR, WIM, XPI etc.However, Bandizip does not support RAR compression which can be a big drawback as it is a very popular archiving format. freeware in this list of Win RAR alternative is Al Zip which is an excellent archiver and compression utility.It supports Windows 2000 and later versions and has the capability to support about 40 different types of file formats for unzipping and can do zipping for 8 formats.

I found IZArc way better than most of the alternatives and file archivers mentioned here.With high speed archiving and self-extracting files, Bandizip stands out amongst other file manager and archivers.https:// is amongst the few Win RAR alternative which supports every version of Windows from Vista to 10.Like most of the programs listed here, it is also an open source and free program which is quite fast in functioning.The fast Zip algorithm of Bandizip allows the user to utilize the drag and drop option which saves a lot of time and increases the productivity of the program too.

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One thing which makes it the unique choice is that 7-Zip uses its own 7z archive format for compressing files which is interestingly, better than other formats.

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