At this page you start ordering our service step by step: 1.

- what are all ways, by means of which you communicated (E-mail, regular post, meeting personally, others) ?

It's much better to involve power users and a few regular users beforehand to talk about what their concerns would be besides just "will I keep all my email".

our GW5 actually had large attachments in old emails over 50MB that we decided not to migrate and telling them ahead of time prevented user revolt later.

The way we ensured 100% email availability was that all mailboxes in Exchange were provisioned weeks before and we kept the two account systems in sync through manual entry.

We communicated to everyone many times that at 5pm on Friday you should stop using GW (and we blocked user access to svr IP at the router when time came).

She took money for translation, and asked men for gifts for her clients.

You figure out pretty quickly if you think there’s a chance you’ll get on in the real world!

Even if you’re away in business you can schedule a date for when you’re coming home.

And if you have a minute at work you can log into one of our online chat rooms and have a word with someone.

Obviously old Group Wise servers, but we used a Quest Tool that we ran on a dozen desktops simultaneously.

Two desktops each pulled from a single GW server (6 GW servers) and all mail was going to just two mid-sized Exchange 2003 servers with a i SCSI SAN backend.

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