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Nobody knew who I actually was except the people closest to me, Distantraveler, MFKN Acesindahole, and Smokey the Bearman.They are the three closest to me and they watched me rise to the top.if you decide to join, feel free to look me up, and if you need help figuring things out, i will do my best. Been a short time since i posted last on Fubar.com, so here i go. if anyone who deems posting such ill will towards a site they supposedly loved so much, but then they just had to expose the clear violations of a simple formatted ' TERMS OF SERVICE' , forgetting they have to love the rules to make that 'i love fubar' wholesome is insane.As for posting such garbage while still trying to maintain a presence on the very same location kinda makes it moot point.Fubar isn't perfect but it is fun and addicting.You do not have to spend money on the site to have fun.

Be honest be kind be real and you will have the time of your life on fubar.

I also had quite a few haters for reasons that I never truly understood, I blocked one for leaving unnecessary comments to a friend of mine and she went around spreading all sorts of negative things about me, it was so blown up it was laughable, that's how the so called divas' on that site react when someone else gets to the top before they do, someone told me that they went on a witch hunt, and they did because a month after I got to level 76 they deleted my whole profile saying in my first account I cost the site a ton of money but whenever I ask for proof of that or how I can make right what supposedly happened they can't even provide a list of names or proof that I ever did anything wrong.

One friend of mine said that an admin told her that they don't have a problem with me but that it's Scrapper's personal grudge against me.

I have read all those that post negative comments about fubar.

I know all sites have issues but those posting are those that scam the site they say they love while on it trying to get money out of other members.

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