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He was hanged in Flossenbürg concentration camp just weeks before the end of the war for working with the Resistance. As for your anxiety about marriage being redefined, it’s redefined all the time.

Just in my lifetime, laws forbidding interracial marriage have been struck down, divorce is much easier, and marital rape is illegal. I guess I’m old fashioned, because I thought love was a major part of it. First, of course, is the arrogance of equating the trials of anti-gay Christians today with those of Bonhoeffer. Unlike Bonhoeffer, he can say or write or hand out on the street corner just about anything he likes. He has the freedom to say these things because of the U.

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Here’s what the church faces: can be aggressive, but where Christians expect no more than the Constitution grants them, I support their rights as strongly as I do mine.

That attitude is widespread in the atheist community.

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