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When I let that belief go, all I saw was how the belief was dictating my romantic life.

The only reason you wouldn’t deserve love is if you believe it to be true.

Use your time alone to establish a strong foundation for yourself.

When I had fallen in love, if I wasn’t strong enough alone, I would have been swallowed by it.

While a romcom has its time and place and is entertaining on its own, it doesn’t represent the true nature of relationships.

If your expectations are built based on someone’s fantasy put onto a screen, then you might be missing out on someone that’s right in front of you.

Sure, love is magical and can lift you to places you never expected, but it also demands you be vulnerable and open, which you can’t be unless you believe in relationships that are rooted in truth — not some fairy tale.

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Sometimes, the truth is that you may not be ready for that at any given moment in time. You could be too susceptible to lose yourself inside a relationship, rather than keep your independence.

You really don’t know the divine timing of these things and sometimes it’s not about what you’re not doing, who you’re not meeting, or what you’re lacking, but that it is as simple as the timing not being right just yet.

Once I shook myself from that belief, my love life opened up to many different experiences that were evidence to the power of my manifestation.

When I believed I was inadequate because of being single, all I saw was my inadequacy.

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That one person you meet off Tinder isn’t a representative of their gender and they deserve the opportunity to show you who they are without you assuming you already know.

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