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We doubled it every week.” Soon he found himself with an expansive pool of data, a huge ocean of people looking to find love.So it’s no surprise that he ended up looking into creating new apps – Bumble, optimised for women; Chappy, optimised for gay men; Lumen, optimised for over-fifties – and now he faces his biggest task. These dicks are both figurative and literal: even in Bumble, in which women have the power to start conversations, some men still feel obliged to send unsolicited dick pics to all and sundry.However, they’re not interested in providing an app experience for every group that feels underserved.“We're not playing little niche games,” said Andreev.In Lumen, for instance, the users are largely more straightforward and the matches more precise.If there are any other apps planned for particular demographics, Andreev remains tightlipped, but suggests there are other projects upcoming.As a result, Andreev’s dating empire became an innovator in intervening before people had to stare at another phallus caught in the flash.“What this team do uses the same smart recognition verification we use for faces.It can recognise any object: cars, apples, people, naked people,” explained Andreev. We say, ' Here, potentially, is inappropriate content. Click here.' But we notify people who are using the platform that it's inappropriate.”Next are the users who are trying to tear down the platform: people with fake profiles, catfishers, bots and trolls and the like.

“We might do augmented reality, like that app where you can see all the flights in the air,” proposed Andreev.

Chappy too, while not quite the behemoth Bumble has become, exists as an antidote to the current gay dating app marketplace.

“We know Grindr is sleazy, it's inappropriate, a few pictures of the face but mostly not,” said Andreev.

With online dating more ubiquitous than ever, the race is on for apps to try and fix the many issues created by the app gold rush. How do you make sure people find genuine connections?

Andrey Andreev, who runs Badoo, Bumble and other platforms, thinks he might have the answers When Andrey Andreev first created Badoo, a dating social network, he found himself at the cutting edge of modern romance.

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