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One of the ideas that I explore in my book is that you have the same kind of assumption and the same application of force in a certain type of marriage in the Greek world called bridal theft, or abduction marriage, a form of kidnap or elopement that was still practiced in Greece and the Balkans even in the 1950s.

One of the things that I think is interesting about the erotic spells is that I was arguing against a very powerful and influential thesis put forth by my thesis advisor from graduate school, Jack Winkler.

In some cases, however, he might do this with the tacit agreement of her parents, who might be glad to forgo the expense of a wedding or a dowry.

There is not enough evidence for me to actually prove this, but I suspect that erotic spells were a kind of supernatural form of abduction marriage.

What I realized toward the end of the project was that the modern category "love magic" embraced two rather different types of spells, one set designed to produce erôs ("erotic seizure") in the victim, and the other used to create philia ("affection" or "friendship").

It took me a couple of years to figure this out and as a result I wrote a book that was very different from the one that I had planned. What I discovered was that most of the technologies that are used in spells for throwing erotic passion into someone are borrowed from the realm of cursing.

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