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Life became so hard for them and her mother had to do several jobs to make ends meet.They both lived in succession of trailer parks while her mother worked in a bar.There, she met John Rich with whom she wrote her debut single titled at the beginning of 2004.The song received commercial success, topping the Hot Country Song charts and reaching No 22 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Had an interview with @gw27 and @Jessie G_Music before their performance at the NW MT Fair! 😊 #fair #interview #Montana @nashlinecountry We could make a huge difference by no longer accepting how the media is glorifying these heinous people. #noglory @johnrich @seanhannity @larrygatlin @realdonaldtrump @speakerpelosi @senschumer @senatemajldr Pb P9A So honored to be a songwriter (and producer) on this very personal song for @jessiegofficial!The Redneck Woman star was traveling from Washington D. Wilson had an outburst on a fellow passenger who was in the restroom when she wanted to use the restroom.However, when they returned to their seat; the pair continued exchanging threatening gestures before they were calmed by the flight attendants.Their marriage didn’t last long before hitting the rocks and the pair went their separate ways.Also, Wilson started another relationship with Mike Penner with whom he has a daughter named Grace Frances Penner.

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