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In fact I’ll toss in a few more: Sita, Usas, Yemaya for good measure.I saw a beautiful tattoo of Lakshmi once, it covered this guy’s entire back.When we are wanting inspiration, or searching for the right words to say, chant to Saraswati. And the thing about Kali is that she’s not one thing.She’s this elemental force of change; death is always transformation, change is always death.Sitting on the downtown line a flash of red caught my eye. As if ensnared by her Lasso of Truth, I decided to forgo my punkass plan, got off at the next stop and slowly retraced my way back to school.I knew that it wasn’t really Wonder Woman on that subway, it was just a tall woman in a crazy red and blue sequined outfit, but in that moment I was suddenly open to more than just my self-serving perspective.Stories that cover everything from breathing patterns to the shapes we take with our bodies (asanas), and our hands (mudras), to the sounds (mantras) that connect us vibrationally to the physical world.

When I was in India the first time, I visited many many temples including one of the most renowned temples of Goddess Durga, the Jwalamukhi Devi temple in Himachal Pradesh.

Lakshmi is the one you want for your personal wealth management consultant, because trust me, she’s got it all.

She’s got prosperity, beauty, grace and generosity.

Lakshmi is also where we derive our English word ”luck”. She’s not afraid of giving and receiving abundance. With the palm facing outward, curl the middle, ring, and pinky fingers into the center of the palm.

Bend the index finger at the middle knuckle and press the thumb to the outer side of the index finger.

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