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Alulim, first king of Sumer, is one of the earliest names known; Narmer, an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, is another.

In addition, Biblical names were typically mononymous, as were names in the surrounding cultures of the Fertile Crescent.

Between Columbus' arrival in the New World and the late 19th century, prominent indigenous peoples in the Americas were mononymous.

In 2002 Multatuli was proclaimed by the Society for Dutch Literature to have been the most important Dutch writer of all time.

The Dutch writer Jan Hendrik Frederik Grönloh (1882–1961) wrote under the pseudonym Nescio (Latin for "I don't know").

In the 19th century, most chiefs involved in the Apache Wars had mononym birth names, and some replaced those with mononymous nicknames: Geronimo (born Goyaałé), Victorio (born Beduiat), Cochise, and so on.

Since the medieval period, mononyms in the West have almost exclusively been used to identify people who already had surnames.

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