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Hogan commanded the 504th Bombardment Group prior to being shot down while on a raid on Hamburg in an operation masterminded by Luftwaffe Colonel Biedenbender (James Gregory).Hogan graduated third in his military class, and seems to thrive on difficult if not impossible missions.Hogan's men are extremely loyal to their commander, and he to them.In "Two Nazis for the Price of One", Hogan and his men are ordered back to London after they discover their operation is known by a Gestapo general.He is shown to be inept, a bit dimwitted, cowardly, arrogantly confident, childish, and often clueless and rather gullible.He is a veteran aviator of the First World War and can be seen wearing an Iron Cross First Class, along with the 1939 clasp for a second award (spange), Ground Assault Badge of the Luftwaffe, and the Pilot's Badge.In January of 2015, the couple traveled to San Francisco for a vacation.

If anyone was to give up something, I would give up something to sacrifice for her to be able to live her dreams. In addition to Chris living in Foxboro six months a year, and Ashley in residency, they have twins.He was described by Biedenbender as having "a flair for the overcomplex" because of the complicated details of the missions he plans.Due to Hogan's care in planning operations, the skill of his staff, and Hogan's success at manipulating Klink and Schultz, Hogan's team is usually successful.He is a ladies' man, engaging in different relationships with Klink's secretaries (Helga and Hilda) and most of the civilian women he comes in contact with.Throughout the show, Hogan is seen impersonating German officers, and typically refers to himself as "Hoganmüller", "Hoganschmidt", "Hoganheimer", "Hogan Hüppel", and other names related to his own.

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