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Before you set out on your maiden journey into the dusky twilight lands of the hidden internet, it will probably serve you well to have some idea of where it is you are going.The deep web is not actually a single unified place, as many people think when they have only heard about it in brief references from the mainstream media.Tor is primarily a ‘privacy network’ which lets people use the regular internet without being tracked.It does this by bouncing communications around a lot of different computers, so rather than user A asking for a webpage from server Z, user A asks user B to ask user C to request the webpage (of course this is a massive simplification and is pretty inaccurate really, but it does give you are rough idea of what is happening).This can actually include a wide variety of places, from academic databases to private members websites to corporate portals.

This provides an even more private and secure corner of the internet than you can get from a deep web, but also a much more limited one.Perhaps tales of the dark marketplaces selling all kinds of legal and illicit goods anonymously for Bitcoin have picqued your curiosity, and you would like to take a look around and see what they are like.Perhaps you live in a country where social media and ordinary internet sites are censored and you would like to visit a place where everyone is free to speak their mind freely and without fear of repurcussion.Or perhaps you simply care about your privacy and security online and are attracted to the idea of an internet space where users are not constantly tracked, monitored, and analysed by manipulative marketeers, government spies and malicious hackers.All of these are common reasons why people become interested in visiting this hidden, anonymous internet space – but if you are like 99% of people you probably don’t have a clue how to access the so-called ‘darknet’ or ‘deep web’.

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