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What is so attractive in this Nordic island country?Apart from the beautiful landscapes and countryside, Iceland is untapped territory for sisters wanting to swirl.Yes, Blues festival and Iceland in the same sentence.In the way of education, there are several junior colleges and universities including the University of Iceland for adults as well as vocational and technical schools.There is a growing Jazz and R&B presence in Iceland.I found out about a fabulously talented R&B duo called Kenya and Nemor. You may even want to catch The Reykjavik Blues Festival in April 2014.All of these ladies are fluent or near fluent in Icelandic which can be hard to learn. If you find your way to Reykjavik, Europe’s northernmost city like many others have; and decide to break a little ice, let us know your progress. Aurora Borealis view from Islandic Countryside Photo: Milky Way Scientists Dr.Lori Wilson Catherine Saevarsson Enid Mbabazi Patience Karlsson and hubby Þórir The Karlsson Children Patience and Þórir Karlsson on graduation day!

Ghanaian born Catherine Saevarsson lives in Iceland and is pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Iceland.Living on these beautiful but isolated islands is not for the faint or weary of heart.The climate is windy and colder but not all the time.Anyone from Maine to Virginia should be used to the winter weather and elements experienced with cold. And there is a warm current from the Gulf Stream so you are actually able to withstand the temperatures.There is a lot of darkness in the winter, but midnight sun brings light in the summer for long days.

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The Karlsson family lives in the city of Kópavogur, which lies to the immediate south of Reykjavik and is part of the greater Reykjavik area. There is a small community of black people living in Iceland and many of the sisters are married to Icelandic men.

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