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Clarke can bank on knowing the limits to what his players can and cannot do. That has been the pulse of Pakistan cricket for a long time.

Younis will be less sure of his team’s potential, but his job is just to offer support to his players and persuade them to play positive and aggressive cricket. Today Pakistan is devoid of legends like Wasim, Waqar, Imran and Miandad.

Bracken is amongst the best ODI bowlers in the world, although against South Africa he was not in his best form.

A lot of Pakistan fans are predicting a series win for Pakistan, and some are also saying that Pakistan will end up winning 2 matches.

An intelligent, intriguing, fast-moving blend of science fiction and thriller.

However, Nasir has more experience and has impressed to some degree so far in international cricket.Shahid Khan Afridi: Afridi has been in good domestic form and made an impact both with bowling and batting in the recent RBS One Day Cup.If Afridi can get into some kind of batting form, he will be a force to be reckoned with in this series.Hayden’s intriguing back story includes a secret link to CIA agent Nelson Fife, a member of the clandestine 536 Brotherhood, an esoteric monastic order.The Brotherhood believes mankind’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden means human beings deserve a lifetime of "pain and grief and suffering and death," and thus ikhar comes from the Serpent, the devil, and so Fife’s willing to use the agency’s assets to thwart Fanning’s quest.

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Australia cannot be underestimated and in fact the LS Management is doubting Pakistan’s potential, although they acknowledge this potential.

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