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The second option is that the creation of the family was not of paramount importance: it studied, worked, climbed the career ladder, acquired housing... They need a husband like her who has also been successful and well behaved.

The change in the system in Latvia was more easily experienced by Latvian women.The journalist supported his conclusions with sad statistics, as well as with the testimonies of two unmarried Latvian girls aged 29 who are experts in the field.It is a fact that girls in Latvia are not interested in communicating with local guys: they are less educated, not energetic, but too spoiled by women's attention, and do not even like it.He made a sad observation: if you want to get a smile from the child, it is better not to talk to the children about their father, otherwise the mood drops suddenly.Fathers have either disappeared from their lives or otherwise it is impossible to associate them with something joyful. I'm not going to discuss the prospect of getting married after 40 years.

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  1. Men are attracted to confident women who get the concept of “interdependence.” Interdependence requires that you’re both independent and dependent; that means you create sacred space for your relationship as well as sacred space for your work, passions and friends.