Instant cam fun

The process works, but it's a cumbersome way add sound to prints.

The new app doesn't just play QR code audio; it also controls the Li Play.

The wheel lets you navigate the menus to turn Bluetooth on and off, control various print settings, and toggle other settings.

In front is a shutter release along with a selfie mirror, AF lamp, and the button to record audio.

Unfortunately, in practice it involves scanning QR codes and installing smartphone apps.Check out our guide to getting better images from your phone for some ideas.I did miss the ability to rotate an image before printing.There's also a Back button, Review button, and Print button beside the LCD screen on the back.A Set button inside a typical camera 4-way direction wheel rounds out the controls on the back.

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Instax prints have a tendency to crush blacks and wash out highlights, so I often use exposure compensation to lighten shadows or darken highlights, depending on the scene I'm shooting. There's a power button on the side of the camera, and next to it are three buttons that control which visual effects (if any) are applied to the image.

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