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Among their questions is how to navigate the dating world as a cancer survivor. But we don’t need to have these because of a cancer diagnosis. I suppose I’ve done my fair share of dating since my 20s.My answer: It’s not any different than dating as a non-cancer survivor. Since I was diagnosed with my first cancer at 21, I have pretty much dated as a cancer survivor.

But I compare it to dating someone with kids, diabetes, a sore knee, back issues. Cancer itself can cause anxiety, fear, concern, self-consciousness and more. I’ve met guys on my own, been set up through family and friends (and even some coworkers), tried online dating.

Deciding not to have reconstructive surgery, Jo explained that she did not want to risk having any more operations unless they were completely necessary.“My book tackles the question of when is the right time to tell someone you've had a mastectomy, or whatever cancer treatment you've had," said Jo.

Jo explained: “When you do tell someone those kind of things, you may be opening the door to rejection, which is scary, but I'm sharing lots of funny dating stories in the book, as well as my own thoughts and feelings.

Everyone was judging each other based on looks alone."“So, as a single mum with one boob, I made a stand and swiped right for everyone, regardless of their looks," Jo continued.“I'm not judgmental and all I was really looking for was someone who looked kind."Fortunately, after a year of looking, she found her “special someone" in tree surgeon Lewis Teanby, 24, a friend of a friend who lived locally and she had seen around, but who was also on Tinder – where she spotted his profile and swiped right.

The couple have now been dating for 15 months and have talked about her cancer and her new attitude to life.

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And, in November 2016, she moved out of the home she had shared with Ella Mary's dad and moved from Bottesford, North Lincolnshire, to Epworth, nearer her parents, to start her new life as a single mom.

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