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Considerations Generally, you will want to come across looking, relaxed, friendly and like some one you can trust (with your heart).It helps to be comfortable in the clothes you are wearing and with your poses.There’s a huge range of different activities to do while dating in London.As a founding member of the Online Dating Association we're committed to providing a safe and secure dating service.

Nazia and Steve met at the Greenwich planetarium on their first date, while June and Paul visited the National Gallery.

Most people are nervous when standing in front of a camera.

Don't worry, our photographers will gently coax you through a guided photo shoot and include any ideas you may have. Although not suited to everyone, an engaging, friendly smile is essential and is one of the most important considerations in any dating profile portrait picture.

We normally advise clients to try smiling with both open and closed mouth.

Don't worry too much about your teeth, we can give these a digital cosmetic cleanup if neccessary.

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