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This mask truly has it all including an intimidating look.Whether, your favorite hobby of choice is BB guns, paintballing, or airsoft guns, you are going to need the proper safety gear that can keep your eyes and face safe, while provide extreme comfort.Produced by head artist “Bomb, the” Cold Blood Art is a Thailand-based company that produces really intimidating masks for paintball game players.The seriously outlined masks are composed of numerous layers of fiberglass that provide a strong defense without losing comfort and ease.

However, even with its durable design the mask is still lightweight enough to be comfortable after long hours of hours.

That is exactly what the Coxeer Tactical Airsoft Mask can, plus so much more.

With its rugged design this mask is capable of standing up to the harshest elements of the weather, while still providing extreme comfort over long periods of use.

For instance, this mask is even designer and stylish enough to be worn as part of a Halloween costume.

Whether you are looking to get the edge on your competition, or you just want the ultimate protection, you cannot go wrong with the Outgeek Tactical Mask.

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