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Johnson had reportedly been suspended for marijuana use in 2009.

It turns out while the PGA does test for recreational drug use, and disciplines their players for positive results, they don't make the news public, which sometimes leaves it up to players to make other excuses for their absences.

He issued a statement saying: "I made an error in judgment that I deeply regret.

I have let myself down and others who support me." He also said, "I am handling the matter privately and rest assured, I will definitely learn from my mistake." It remains to be seen whether he actually did, given the multiple substance abuse suspensions he reportedly earned after this.

" , he was actually serving a reported PGA suspension for cocaine use.

The publication reported this in August 2014, when he was allegedly away from the game again on what he claimed was a "leave of absence." But the publication said he was really serving his third suspension for drug use, this time again for cocaine.

Alli also said there were rumors about Dustin with "a nanny of a tour player," something that hadn't been publicly mentioned before, but said she didn't believe it.

Then in 2015, Alli and Dustin were spotted together in a Publix grocery store, and he put his arm around her published video and stills of them, calling him "the next Tiger Woods" — and they didn't mean about his golfing skills.

reached out to the PGA for a statement regarding Johnson's 2014 "leave of absence," and they initially refused to comment.

reported, "When Johnson was 16, at the behest of a good friend's bullying older brother, he was one of five boys involved in a burglary." One of the items stolen was a gun.

Previously, Johnson had pawned watches for Steve Gillian, the bully in question, according to wrote that on the day following the home burglary," Johnson was persuaded by Gillian to use a fake ID to buy ammunition at Wal-Mart," and that "Gillian later used the gun to kill a man named Jason Ward." Johnson was ordered to pay restitution, and later testified against Gillian in his trial.

Dustin Johnson was arrested for drunk driving in his home state of South Carolina in 2009.

He was recorded as having a blood alcohol level of .19 at the time of his arrest, which is over twice the legal limit in that state.

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