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It’s not even full client-side validation – it’s just a subtle usability enhancement, implemented in an accessible way, which (as I discovered while testing the script) is almost identical to something that Firefox now does natively!In recent versions of Firefox, if a then the field will show a red outline, as illustrated by the following figure. If it did, then every required field would have that outline by default.

On the new item form, I have a field called 'Due Date' (Internal name: Due Date) which is set to optional and for one of the Flow requirements, I have to keep it optional as upon making it required my existing flow logic will break. S: Again I do not want to leverage OOTB required approach here, need a JS solution please.

Instead, these outlines are only shown after you’ve interacted with the field, which is basically (though not precisely) analogous to the instant, as it could easily be triggered on and off many types in rapid succession while typing, creating a flashing effect which would be annoying or impossibly distracting for some users.

And, in any case, , and frankly that would look nicer, but then we’d have no indication in browsers that don’t support box-shadows, such as IE8.

Check out the concept of 'Regular Expressions' if you haven't already, and see how you can use this in the Data Validator step.

Outgoing Stream On Error from Select Values, send to Set Field Value (set the field to null) and then redirect it back into the Outgoing Steam.

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