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Dating Scenario 1: You meet a Ben Stiller look-alike at a friend’s party. You think he could be your leading man until he asks you out for Tuesday night bowling instead of Saturday night for dinner and a movie. What you don’t know is that he liked you so much he didn’t want to wait until Saturday to see you.

SPEEDDATING, the one that started it all, is aimed at Jewish singles.2: Asking a woman out for a Saturday night date is a big deal.If you ask some women out for a Monday or even a Thursday evening, beware.If the guy wants to go Dutch treat on a first date, will that seal his fate as a cheapskate?Or when you meet your match, do the rules suddenly cease to matter?

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You’re about to join the ‘dateless in despair’ until an activist whose screen name is eco-Babe responds to your online personal.

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