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Their intuition always guides them to help out when needed.I believe that everyone has a guide or a set of guides they can call upon throughout life to offer wisdom and guidance.Remember: There is so much more to believe in that what we can see.As a Lightworker you will experience emotional upheaval.The key to connecting with them is to call them in and state that you're ready to be a channel for their messages.Remember: Lightworkers are usually excellent at channeling and tuning into the flow of their collective higher consciousness.

Lightworkers, teachers and healers are Divinely guided people that come in all different shapes, sizes and forms so that the right messages get delivered to the right people. Lightworkers are always aligned with the people that they are destined to assist.

Remember: Lightworkers will crave certainty until they find the freedom and deep profound knowledge in the fact that uncertainty will be a constant theme in everyone's life.

A Lightworker knows how to use their thoughts to create their own reality.

I love nature, travelling, seeing old cities, places, anywhere with an ambience.

I like classy wine/ cocktail bars and restaurants if i go out.

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