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Gray also reported the fraternity is tentatively planning a bicycle rally and possibly a trip to Penn State University for a Softball tournament. Last yfcr tliars %f T9 two u Af^roatt iitfpi Mttl)^ Not only do you fly with us at half, but you can just about have your choice of dates fori*, 5, o, 7, 8, 9, 10 week dur- ation durlns 3u*HMr. If you takfi the June 21 - August 19 flight to London for example, deposit re- serves your sei^t and April 15 you send the 9. Just one price for all flights whether you pick a weekend departure (S15« extrs on tha regular fare, sirilnes) or ptak sessc Hi surefcsrge dst«.

It also has 10 hcjnorary members including br, Lawrence Park, President erf Mansfield State College. Oovern Mnt reg- ulation j "we - must submit all flight participants naneo and full payment sixty days before each /light.11117 are to .sluire their insights into any work of the imagination, whether or not it has gained an official reputation as a "classic**. Dyck be rernembered as a manwlio UAred literature as he loved life," s;ud Dr. llieir activities of the past have included a chicken barbeque to raise money for the Northern I'ier Children's Home and for t He local blood bank."We're more than a social fraternity, "said President Bob (iray.: So .;end for our ov Mnj^lete -ohedule, or to be nure of ynur r«- un vaiioii tiom, ii J 1 1 v. mmunication of literature using V\e contaa, vcx:al, facial ai;^ ' bcxlily expression.RTS does a variety ef shows for community groups and area schools.

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