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– hatched 4/12 approximately 3 am Egg # 4 – 3/14 – p.m. 04-08-19 Thanks, Emma, for the heads up on the first egg hatching this morning between and .I also noted a comment about a GHOW hooting nearby. And hey, a reminder that it costs us bucks at Starr Ranch to keep these cams streaming.But if you can’t make it, please consider a donation to Starr Ranch.In the meantime, I just set up a cam so those of you who can’t attend the banding tomorrow should be able to watch the goings-on.

Pete 7/2/19 Cougar and Bobcat on the trail cam in the last two days.Yet both the BNOWs and the GHOWs successfully fledged chicks. I’ve been following discussion about the male apparently being not the best provider.Amazing since GHOWs are know predators of BNOWs (even though we haven’t seen that happen here much if at all by looking at prey remains in GHOW nests). Early evening yesterday and one of the best views I’ve been able to capture in a long time. Please consider helping Starr Ranch pay for these cams, maintenance and streaming. Pete 03-16-19 Egg dates as of this writing: Egg # 1 – 3/8 – a.m. Perhaps this is due to lack of prey and not his lack of “skill”.Will revisit tomorrow.) Pete 11-07-18 Some of you may have already seen some video I posted of a juvenile Ground Squirrel that showed up a couple of months ago completely unafraid of me. Like how its nose is constantly testing the air, how it is so incredibly dexterous, how it can store an unbelievable amount in its cheeks, etc. However, in this case I thought I could learn something by offering this GS some nuts (Pistachios.And of course organic and unsalted) and eventually get closer to it..

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