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Melkor returns to Angband, and tries to take Beleriand.

Together with the Éothéod Gondor is victorious and Cirion, steward of Gondor, gives Calenardhon to Eorl which becomes the later Rohan.

Garth explained: “Númenor is a rich, fruitful island given as a reward to mortal men who helped the Elves defeat Morgoth, the original Dark Lord, in the First Age.“Its people live long lives, become the world’s greatest mariners, and bring civilisation to its peak, rather like the Greeks or Romans.“Tolkien called it his version of the story of Atlantis, but it is very much his creation – a beautiful, powerful and tragic drama.“Its survivors found the kingdoms of Gondor in the South and Arnor in the North.“Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings, at the very end of the Third Age, is the last heir of the old line of Númenorean kings.”When asked what the series being set in the Second age could mean, Garth replied: “Essentially the Second Age is about Men, Elves and Dwarves establishing their realms and then having to contend with the rise of Sauron, previously just the chief lieutenant of Morgoth.”Whether Aragorn or the actor who played him in the Hollywood movies, Viggo Mortensen, will star in the TV series is yet to be seen.

Other characters who appeared in the movie franchise which could appear in the TV series are the Elves.

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