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We had first met nearly a year before at a public lecture on the novels of D. Alas, the thrills always seemed to wane as I grew accustomed to the curves of the course. Sometime around our 6-month mark, it dawned on me: We'd stopped having sex and begun making love, a distinction that had previously seemed like something fabricated by relationship "experts." As we neared our first anniversary, I found myself bonded in ways I'd never felt with another human being.Julia was the smartest, most fascinating woman I'd ever met.I never knew any different, and to this day most of what I know about dating, love and relationships, I learned from her. How long to wait before following up on an un-returned text message. She's the kind of mum who likes to fill you in on why sex work should be covered by the NDIS, well before you've had your morning coffee.Growing up, the house was littered with educational dolls, many of which came with their own little frankfurt penises and biologically accurate vaginas.I can't remember when, exactly, but a packet of condoms appeared quietly on my bedside table years before I lost my virginity.

Basically, she's under no illusion that we're predestined to find : "How else do you get to the two and the three?

I understood that sex could be a messy business (messy in the sense that having a packet of tissues and a towel nearby is always a good idea).

The danger of pornography being a young person's introduction to sex (and I love porn, so no shade) is that it can lead to feelings of inadequacy when the real deal doesn't quite measure up (I mean, porn is often filmed on multiple cameras to create the illusion of lasting longer).

" As I learned from Mum, the whole idea that each person has been designated the one perfect soulmate is entirely unhelpful in the quest to form meaningful and nourishing human relationships.

Understanding this as a fundamental truth really helped me approach my dating life without viewing each match as the be-all-and-end-all.

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