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While the event was all in good fun, homegrown stars Maria Menounos and Michael Chiklis definitely came to play against the collection of New England’s finest, including Danny Amendola, Tedy Bruschi, and Rob Ninkovich. Third one wasn’t going down like that.” Chiklis, who grew up in Andover, was pretty proud of the fact that he got to intercept Brady during the game. and I’ll be saying to friends of mine, ‘Did you ever intercept a Tom Brady pass?

As a diehard Patriots fan, Menounos was thrilled to finally catch a pass from Brady at this year’s game, calling the experience “pretty epic.” “I was not leaving here without catching one pass,” the Medford native said. “I’m going to be living off of that and dining out on that for many, many months to come,” the actor said. No you didn’t did you, because I did.'” Off the field, star revealed that he’s actually good friends with Brady and is “possibly the biggest Pats fan.” “I was there in 2002 when we won the first Super Bowl and this all began,” Chiklis said.

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Celebrity chef Guy Fieri was on hand as well for the Guy Cooking with Best Buddies Celebrity Chef Food and Wine Festival, which was added to the festivities for the first time this year.

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