Master the art of body language for dating

To master the art of flirting make sure that you can read her eye contact as well.

Studies show that people make more eye contact when they’re interested in someone.

Mastering the art of flirting can seem like a daunting task, but in reality it’s much easier than you think. If you don’t have these things, it’s okay, read our article Pro Tips to Become More Charismatic.

To become good, flirting takes knowledge and practice but if you follow these five steps, it wont take long for you to master the art of flirting.

Or perhaps they lean their head the same way as yours when you're talking? Mirroring body language is something we do unconsciously when we feel a bond with the other person.

Women were able to guess what was happening 87% of the time, but men could only guess correctly 42% of the time.

Use their eye contact as a way to gauge if their interest in you.

If you are noticing that they are not interested in you, start talking about something that they enjoy.

These people know the power that unspoken signals have in communication, and they monitor body language accordingly.1.

Crossed arms and legs signal resistance to your ideas.

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