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Everything we do in our lives falls under that larger purpose, and that includes the gift of sexuality.” In His kindness, God has told us what glorifies Him and what doesn’t.This is one reason we must make daily study of His Word part of our regular habit.My concern with your question is that little word “struggle.” It’s not enough to feel bad about this sin.There are different kinds of grief: one helpful, the other not.I pray God will continue the work of sanctification He has begun in you and that He will bless you with a husband who is equally persuaded of the debt he owes for his own sin, even as he delights in the One who forgives and sets captives free.Sincerely, CANDICE WATTERS Copyright 2013 Candice Watters.

Worldly grief, on the other hand, promises to stop until the overwhelming temptation returns, and the cycle of falling and feeling bad and saying “I’m sorry” begins again.Once you are in Christ, the evil one’s accusations, though they may be true, no longer have any power to condemn you. It is there that the power of sin is broken (Romans 8:1-3).You ask if masturbation should be a deal breaker in a relationship. If it’s something you’re working to crucify, going to great lengths to fight lust and to submit your desires to the lordship of Christ; if you’re having victory over it, then no, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.I thought I had been taking it seriously even as I struggled with it; I repented and stopped multiple times over the years, only to fall back into it.It did not matter to my ex that I was sorry and wanted to stop; he could not accept it. Stated simply, sexual immorality is anything that is counter to God’s design for monogamous sex within marriage as revealed in His Word, the Bible. The question we should ask isn’t, “Can I do this or that? ” This is the topic of an excellent new book, by our friend Denny Burk. His new book is one of the most helpful I’ve seen for rightly understanding what sex is for and why it matters that we understand it rightly.

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If, however, you or someone you’re dating says, “This is something I with,” as in, “I feel bad about it every time I do it, but I seem to be powerless to stop doing it,” then yes, I’d say that’s reason enough to break up. Because it signals a need for growth in the godliness and spiritual maturity that is necessary for biblical marriage.

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