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" Ginny asked, adding, "I love riding a broom," as Draco leaned over towards Hermione."Is she always like this? " she whispered back."One week," Draco said as Ginny licked a little champagne off her lips and Blaise stared at her."I say tonight, and you're on," Hermione said."What do I get if I win? Hermione licked her own lips and looked at him and it was his turn to look off balance. "Are you she's a pureblood," Blaise demanded as he watched Ginny lean back in her chair and grin at Hermione. Going out with me might besmirch your reputation.""Not possible," Draco said."You're still…should we order?

Ginny scootched her chair in closer to the table and leaned on her elbows in blatant disregard for all things mannerly and smiled as Blaise tried with almost total success to keep his eyes on her face. "Hermione tells me you are quite the food aficionado.""I… Blaise was rescued by the sommelier who approached and asked if they had any questions. " he asked."A good man," Ginny said."I prefer to think of myself as wholly shallow," Blaise said.

"I'm sure we can all look forward to yet another item in the paper tomorrow, thanks to that photographer as we came in.""Then I suspect it might be out of line for me to take someone else to their wedding as my plus one," Hermione said. He poured her more champagne and settled the bottle back into the ice bucket as he looked at her."Your date at a pureblood wedding with as many traditions as Lavender-bloody-Brown can shove into it? "Should we just send our own announcement into the papers? "I don't think you should take Draco to that wedding." At her politely curious look Blaise muttered, "You just… ""Theo has his own invitation," Hermione said with a sweet smile. "Do purebloods not bring people they like to weddings?

She paused as if considering, "Though I'm pretty sure I could get Dean to go with me.""Dean Thomas? ""I think that can wait," Hermione said with an almost quaint primness. I could ask that Montague fellow if the custom is to bring people whose company you'd rather avoid; it seems a peculiar way to do things but Merlin forbid I don't fit in.""Stop being difficult," Blaise said. it's a serious type of date, that's all.""Maybe I'm serious," Hermione said."I just don't want you to – ""Put a bunch of pureblood noses out of joint, I know," Hermione said with a dangerous glint in her eye."No," Blaise said.

You're just paranoid about it.""Apparently." Hair mostly managed with a few determined sticking charms and a lot of pins, Hermione began to poke through Ginny's pile of makeup. I think I don't like the pink I picked anymore."Ginny fished through the disorganized heap and pulled a tube out and handed it over. Blaise huffed out a breath and leaned up against the wall outside Belle Reine. The size of the ruby made the thing a bit gaudier than he normally went for but at least it couldn't be missed."Stop fiddling with that thing," Blaise muttered.

"Let's go make the pureblood boys squirm with how very proper we are.""Maybe you're proper," Ginny grinned. Daphne Greengrass, who his mother had referred to as a 'nice girl' often enough to make him nervous, never seemed to manage to cover her shoulders and knees without also looking like a convent girl out for a stroll with a ruler-wielding governess two feet away from her."If this is how you instruct a girl to dress to be a good girl, I'm a fan," Blaise breathed."We never covered the clothing thing," Draco said. "That would guarantee us above the fold.""Indeed," he acknowledged as Blaise gave the their reservation name and the man led them to a table tucked into a discreet corner where two walls and a fairly large ficus shielded them from most curious glances.

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