My intersexed girlfriend

All the best, MG Holmes *1(5αRD) stands for five-alpha-reductase-deficiency which occurs when a biologically male fetus has insufficient levels of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, resulting in a feminized genital appearance, even if male gonads are present internally.When testosterone production increases almost exponentially (puberty), the bodies of people with 5αRD masculinize and most switch from a female to male gender identity.And I am not saying this in the hokey-rose-colored-wearing-glasses-a-Pollyanna-skipping-along-a-bed-of-roses-might-wear-as-she-tralalas-“You-can-be-anyone-you-want-to-be”- way either.There is absolutely no doubt that prenatal sex hormones (and thus biology) play a big role in both gender and sexuality in everyone.Dear Angela: Please forgive me for taking much longer to answer this letter (part 2 of Clinical Notes] Identifying as intersex) than I had originally estimated.

An example is the letter below, a continuation of the previous Clinical Notes.[To summarize from Clinical Notes: Identifying as intersex] I am a 38-year old intersex person (Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) masquerading as a lesbian to avoid more confusion...I am a type of person who won't easily put my foot forward, maybe because I always put it in my head that I need to conceal my genetic condition…Since then, Chandler wrote on her Facebook page, she's been on a journey to become her true self, taking testosterone blockers and estrogen enhancers and undergoing corrective surgery.Chandler writes that exposing this truth about herself could come at the expense of her relationship with Phelps, which she describes as a "teenage love affair," but didn't want to hide behind it anymore either.

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