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What is most notable is the clothing that the woman wore.She wore a flannel shirt, t-shirt, jeans, no makeup and glasses, basically as if she went out wearing the same clothing she lounged around the house in.Before this, Akanishi and crew regularly went to this club to hit on foreign women, hop into the DJ booth and play their own songs and partied wildly.In such a place that were now accustomed too, they couldn’t possibly think that they would have such an unacceptable action done towards them?Beautiful woman stays over at Nishikido Ryo’s home; wearing no makeup, she accompanies him on outing to Origin Bento and Ion Supermarket It has been reported that Nishikido Ryo was seen taking a beautiful woman into his home, which is also reportedly the same home he shares with Aragaki Yui.Nishikido was seen driving a black SUV with a tall, long legged beautiful woman in the passenger seat. The woman, who was not wearing heels is assumed to have a height that surpasses 170 cm. Nishikido then followed the woman to a nearby convenience store, where they bought cigarettes. There, they bought bananas, soumen, a lemon and vegetables, among other items [who the heck was following them to know what they bought? They then returned to Origin Bento where they ate the food they ordered.Nishikido was not injured, but the passenger of the middle car, a woman in her sixties, suffered a neck injury.All three cars also received damage to their bumpers.

In March 2009, at around pm on Sunday, Nishikido was driving on Shuto Expressway 3 around Roppongi.According to police, Nishikido was at fault for not watching where he was driving.His agency said that he had been careless in taking his eyes off the road, and he was unable to brake in time.The road ahead of him was congested with traffic, and he rear-ended a car at the tail end of the traffic.Due to this collision, the car also collided with another vehicle in front of it.

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All the news of the incident so far has reported Akanishi as the person who did wrong, but it seems that information is incorrect.

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