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Football is the most-watched sport in the US, but many fans are oblivious to the insanely sexist rules NFL cheerleaders have to follow.While these cheerleaders appear on the sidelines and on TV during every football game, none of them are as universally known as the likes of Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.

This jiggle test would determine whether each cheerleader was fit enough to appear at the upcoming football game.

Cheerleaders reported that the auction winners said sexual comments and touched them inappropriately.

Cheerleaders were also forced to sit on the laps of golfers, as there was not enough room in the golf carts.

Because of the case, the handbook for Ben-Gal Cheerleaders was made public, revealing shockingly specific instructions. No lace.” The handbook goes on to dictate that cheerleaders wear pantyhose, but not of the control top variety.

One such instruction was, “No panties are to be worn under practice clothes or uniform, not even thong panties.” This rule seems extremely intrusive, and even more so because the athletic benefit of being panty-free remains to be seen. Likely to avoid lawsuits, handbooks remind cheerleaders just how unimportant and expendable they are.

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