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So far as heard from, fifteen persons were killed outright and more than forty injured. For the corresponding nine months of the previous fiscal year they were 3,150,000; a falling off in nine months of ,127,000. - •- The Skiii and Knowledge Essential to the production of the most perfect and popular laxative remedy known, have enabled the C. Reached New York This Morning ami Were Welcomed to America. The decrease in the exportation of hogs, beef and dairy products has been most equally marked. Tlifornia Fiic Syrup company to achieve a great suc- ress in tl! Beaumont, Texas, Visited By a Storm Cyclonic Nature and Many Houses Blown Down. There is a story today th at Representa- tive Baldwin has alread^r felt Doran's power. The railroad bridge south of the town was badly dam- aged. This drink w uiaae ir.i li-,j)rcpare'l forusc KUv ttsttta.

We have the Largest Stock of Everything peitaining to Hense-Fur Dishing in tha city of Dnl Qih. If yon wish to have your Carpets cleaned in a first-class manner call or write to Bayha & Co., proprietors City Carpet Cleaning Works, and you will not be disappointed in any way. Senator Donnelly called up his rail- road rate bill which fixes the prices of railroads for carrying coal, wood, hay and grain, etc., making a 25 per cent re- duction, the reduction being greater as the distance is longer. That, of course, is an average of all, for some lives may be in a monetary way, worth less while the value of others can hardly be calculated. Williams, ''if I can recover damages from a railroad for the death of a friend caused by the com- pany's neglect why should I^not recover damages from the city if he dies from a disease which the city, by using reasona- ble precautions, migh. That question is being discussed and the time may come when a city that neglects proper sanitary measures will be held re- sponsible. His variations on Home Sweet Home," in manuscript and dedicated to himself was s cures 3fi«« Edna Kyle Chamberlain, South Dakota. Tho very r.ir^t hottlo ] did me n Rrcat dcjil of good, and I thought I must continiw. The development of the ele- ment of utility and originali- ty — in dress.

When appointments are made they are likely to last for four years and Mr. A|^«| Prices are always the UUi lowest and SIit It T '^'^^ pl^''^se and gi\e lliuj satisfaction.

Cleveland considers it a good precedent to establish.

"When the terms of the registers and receivers at land offices ex- pire, it will be time enough to bother me with the consideration ol the merits of candidates for those plac«;s. BUILDING LOANS — AND FIRST MORTGAGES OF ALL KINDS AND SIZES, Wanted at Once MONEY ON HAND.

My under- standing is that all of the land offices in the Northwest pay the maximum of S3000 and 1 do not wonder tha: the Democrats are anxious to get them, hut the policy of the president has already been plainly stated and there will be no variation from it. Of the latest styles, Cork sole Shoes for TI7AQ1"* ^^^^'^ Ladies' and Wudl Gents' best Shoes for spring weather.

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