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Tony said, “Whilst there are some great examples of agencies coming together to offer clients a full suite of marketing solutions, as a result of the move, we know we have a long way to go yet.It’s a blank canvas with all the essentials for our team the next step is creating an environment that reflects what we do as an organisation, where our team do feel inspired – we have a team of creatives across the agencies to help design a less corporate environment that will meet the collective needs of our team.” The move represented a massive cultural change.

Law firms tend to be quite hierarchical and therefore any change needs to come from the top down – the senior team can set the tone in terms of how the environment can be used.” Forming strong relationships with internal clients is key The event left everyone in agreement that it’s essential for facilities management teams to form strong relationships with clients, across the business, if they are to remain competitive and succeed in creating an environment that supercharges their people.

The restaurant area works for this and over the years its use has really changed, as has the reception area.

We work with clients to create an attractive a space as possible to encourage people to make the most of space available, creating positive experiences in the workplace so they don’t have to go elsewhere.” Kursty talked about the middle ground.

The building has started to change people’s working culture and mindset because lots of agencies are under one roof.

So instead of just thinking this is ‘my world’, now the team realise there are lots of different parts and people providing lots of different services to clients.

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Mc Donald's said its relationship with OMD remains "strong" and the agency will be participating in the review process. Earlier this year, it ended its longstanding partnership with the International Olympic Committee.

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