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Pattaya which is situated in the country of Thailand is a resort city.

Situated on the Eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, the city has a population of almost half a million people and is an immensely popular tourist destination.

The tourism here is mainly sex tourism and less about familial vacations.

This is integral as this variety of women also helps in enticing the average tourist visiting the country for sex.

Pattaya has a tropical wet and dry climate, which is divided into the following seasons: hot and dry (December to February), hot and humid (March and April), and hot and rainy (May to November). You cannot even name the city without immediately thinking of Walking Street and the bright glare of its overlapping neon signs for clubs, discos, bars, go-gos, massage parlors and other forms of nocturnal entertainment.

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The need for this is even lesser as they manage to look their best by the use of local cosmetic and fashion brands or by taking assistance from fakes and rip-offs that are widely sold all across the city.

Now, coming to the physical aspect and their looks, something which most readers would be curious to know about.

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