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" You damn sure weren't checking for that info before it was posted, lol. I am not a HUGE fan of Usher, but this song has incredible depth. So many people openly ridiculed their marriage and her looks.

A woman's value cannot be measured by the number of children she has.

There was chemistry with them on the show and I hope it continues with marriage. I don't want to see him on a rock/cliff screaming .. I'm not feeling this moving mountain ballad and the lipsynching. other than love in this club I think the album will be wack. Is it me or does Usher seem off or lost on this album.

[quote comment="98087"][quote comment="98085"][quote comment="98051"]I sense alot of usher haters, but the only reason he dissed bobby was because bobby dissed Usher at his B-Day party a while drunk and was bashing usher... I am an usher fan but to me this album he seems off or lost. I love love this club but the video was too damn all over the place.

I'm not feeling this moving mountain ballad and the lipsynching. EVERY artist that makes a VIDEO does not actually sing the song! This song is deep and the more I listen to it and watched that video the more you understand what he's saying. you got a good one gurl you got a good one This song is hot.

Moving mountains is a beautiful song and for the person that said ne-yo is better get a life and ne-yo only wrote one song on the album called his mistakes. TOO FUNNY no wonder why all my lovely artist keep falling off its these haters that dont no good music if it hit them upside there head. what does his boring music video have to do with the song or the c.d when you get a cd theres no images Congrats to Persia.

Usher is very talented and Im sick of reading all this negative comments on his video when it goes with the song and the song is a beautiful and very deep ballad. Glad you are able to tell what a real man is from what society considers is one.

It is so wrong how BLACK people always putting down each other!!! I also know that when people call people things they usually are what they call the person. LOVE YA VIDEO USH and NEVER stop making music you have people over 21 who need a man to listen to.. It brought a needed different perspective to on screen relationships.

It is so romantic that they married on his birthday.

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She probably hasn't updated her myspace b/c she is still probably in newlywed bliss ;) [quote comment="98220"]At one point in the Usher vid I slight case of Deja Vu ('Can't Tell Me Nothing') *anybody! Congrats to Persia and Saul.[/quote] LOL For all the Girlfriends junkies...

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