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Examples in recent literature include species of bamboo [12], coconut palm [15] and the Lolium-Festuca complex [16]. This resulted in the publication of a growing number of plastid genomes of species for which genomic information was scarce or even absent.

Breeding programs rely on interspecific hybridizations to increase genetic diversity and introgress traits of agronomic importance. Reads from the four Urochloa species were initially assembled using the Panicum virgatum cv.

Whole cp DNA sequence analysis could be used to investigate the phylogenetic relationships of the four cultivated species, identify chloroplast DNA markers (SSRs, SNPs and In Dels), estimate their time of divergence and contribute to the current understanding of the Urochloa genus. ruziziensis and one lane each for the other three species.

Although sequence data generated by phylogenetic studies in Urochloa-Brachiaria is available on public databases, complete chloroplast genome sequences for members of these genera have not been published to date. Sequencing of each paired-end genomic DNA fragment library was performed on the Illumina GAII sequencer, with six sequencing lanes for U.

Parameters included searches for regions with repeat units ranging from one to six.

Thresholds for a minimum number of repeat units were established as follows: at least 10 repeat units for mononucleotide regions; five repeat units for dinucleotides; three repeat units for tri- and tetranucletides; and five repeat units for penta- and hexanucleotides.

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Forage species of Urochloa are planted in millions of hectares of tropical and subtropical pastures in South America. We used next-generation sequencing to assemble the chloroplast genomes of four Urochloa species to investigate their phylogenetic relationships, compute their times of divergence and identify chloroplast DNA markers (microsatellites, SNPs and In Dels). High quality and matching reads (e-value = −10) were initially selected for assembly. virgatum were submitted to assembly routines performed on CLC Genomics with de novo assembly using paired-end reads.

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