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Ananke and the other gods explained that Lucifer's behaviour put all of the gods at risk by scaring the public and that jail was the best place for her until the murderer revealed themselves.

Laura was angry about their willingness to abandon Lucifer, but passed on the message anyway.

Laura gave an interview while still stained in Lucifer's blood, making her an instant celebrity.

However, in spite of the fame, she sunk into a depression over Lucifer's death.

By the end of 2013, she had seen Baal, Inanna, Sakhmet, Tara, Lucifer, Minerva, and several of Woden's Valkyries.

She tried to hide this interest from her parents because she wanted it to be "all hers." On January 1, 2014, she attended a show by Amaterasu and met Lucifer afterwards, who invited her backstage.

She also appeared in the 1920's Recurrence, and presumably in all Recurrences, although unseen.

Laura talked them into calming down and performing together instead.She came further out of her shell by attending one of Dionysus's parties, resulting in her effectively joining the gods' social circle.In particular, she spent a lot of time with Inanna.Laura Wilson, once known as Persephone, the Greek Goddess of springtime, vegetation, flowers, fertility, nature, death, rebirth and Queen of the underworld, is a teenage girl who became embroiled in the Recurrence when she befriended the god Lucifer.Obsessed with the Pantheon, she eventually achieved her dream of becoming a god herself.

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