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Gablinger developed low-alcohol lager and Chux sold the first disposable nappies.Or perhaps you should not, because none of these companies made a commercial success of their innovations.But Xerox was also a pioneer in fax machines and personal computers.

panels and analysis of responses to questionnaires and (5)……… This generally enables the producer to benefit from economies of scale.

state-of-the-art, using the most advanced biological (22 know) ……… 1 copyright infringement 2 intellectual property 3 patent application 4 proprietary information 5 royalty payment 6 licensing agreement 8. A few years ago a famous car company launched a new car, based on a completely new (1)……… The marketing manager has to turn consumers' brand preference into brand loyalty.

Match the expressions (1-6) with their meanings (a-f). When the majority of potential buyers have tried or accepted a product, the market is saturated, and the product reaches its increases.

When some competitors choose to withdraw from a market those who remain will obviously gain a temporary increase in sales as customers switch to their product. Some have an immediate rapid growth rather than a slow introductory stage. 1 Do you think it is better to innovate or imitate products and services?

When a product has clearly entered its decline stage, some manufacturers will abandon it in order to invest their resources in more profitable or innovative products.

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This stage may last many years, and contain many ups and downs due to the use of a succession of marketing strategies and tactics.

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